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Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, Inc. (FAPS) is the only Cumberland County No-Kill, non-profit animal shelter supported by volunteers, grants and individual contributions. FAPS receives no state or federal funding to operate and relies solely on the community to support its mission in rescuing, shelter and successfully placing companion animals.


FAPS was once known as Animal Haven of Cumberland County, but changed its name after several years, and a great deal of discussion, to“Fayetteville Animal Protection Society” to better reflect the area the shelter serves, to locate the shelter on a map, and to speak of its interest in humane education, spay/neuter outreach, and legislative changes. 

FAPS began in 1982 with a small group of pet owners concerned about the plight of homeless animals. Some of the founding members are still active within the organization today, showing our passion, longevity, and success in the Fayetteville area.  See who our Board members are. 

With the help of generous supporters who donated block, sand and mortar and students from FTCC who donated time and labor, a physical shelter licensed by the State of North Carolina was constructed at 3927 Bragg Boulevard, as a safe refuge for unwanted animals.

Over the years several expansions have taken place allowing FAPS to shelter more animals, while alleviating some of the daily stresses of shelter life on its residents. We expanded the sanitary play yards for our "Cool Canines" to stretch their legs and most recently a free roaming cat room and outdoor play area were opened in 2007 for our "Fabulous Felines" to do the same.

Thanks to a grant, a portable was opened where newsletter mailings, board meetings, humane education classes and training/volunteer orientation workshops are held.

In 2006, the completion of the Mary B.Yarborough Isolation Ward to house sick, recovering, and injured dogs and cats became a reality.  Like FAPS' other expansions, this addition was made possible by a grant and several generous private donations.  A ward of this kind is necessary to run a proper shelter so that illnesses are isolated from the healthy population and where recuperating shelter pets can rest and recover in a quiet, stress-free environment.  Through donor donations, FAPS was able to purchase supplies and equipment to make it a working treatment facility for volunteer veterinarians and vet technicians.  This area now saves FAPS thousands of dollars each year, allowing certain procedures to be performed "in house!"

Our pets’ health and happiness are just two of the rewards from this improvement to our facility.

With your help, FAPS continues as one of the “most progressive” shelters in the state of NC. Our focus not only includes a safe haven for animals, but also the further education of our community to prevent unwanted pets through a spay/neuter outreach and humane education programs which are available to both adults and children.

Additionally, FAPS has sponsored spay/neuter billboards and frequently visits classrooms giving presentations on kindness to animals.

FAPS distributes free educational literature to adults at public venues on general pet care and behavioral issues, pet overpopulation, and responsible pet ownership.

One of the biggest keys to FAPS' success is owed to the countless volunteers and small staff, who walk dogs, play with cats, donate food, toys and bedding, clean kennels, help with general shelter maintenance and yard work, answer phones, help with bulk mailings and many other tasks that are too numerous to mention.  It is through the generosity of others that we are able to run Cumberland County’s only state-licensed, non-profit, No-Kill shelter.

As we celebrate 28 years of successfully rescuing, sheltering and placing unwanted animals, we would like to take this opportunity to remind you that FAPS is here for YOU and the HOMELESS ANIMALS.

If you are looking for a new addition to your family, or are unable to keep your four-legged friend, we are here to help. Come see us!

Thank you for your interest in our No-Kill shelter. You have been the lifeline for our homeless animals for the past 28 years! 

If you would like to help support our efforts Click here now!  Be sure to Join our mailing list at  Give us your name, email address, snail mail address, and phone number!


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