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To get started as a court-ordered community service volunteer at the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society, you must bring a copy of your court order that shows the offense, number of hours needed, and when the hours are due. Bring all documentation and identification to Kira, FAPS' Volunteer Coordinator to fill out paperwork and begin service.

Kira is available at 9:00am Thursday-Saturday and 8:00am Sunday/Monday.

Volunteers ages 16-17 must bring a parent/guardian to meet with Kira to sign a waiver of liability.

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Those completing Court Mandated Community Service hours will have no contact with the public. Contact with shelter animals will be minimal and only pertaining to the cleaning duties assigned. If you are interested in working with the animals, you may apply to the volunteer program after completing all of your hours.

FAPS reserves the right to refuse a Community Service Volunteer at any time for any reason.

All Community Service questions can be sent to:

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