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Board of Directors

cat resting

Autumn Blake, President

Lisa Wade-Wellington, Vice President

Kim (Beppi) Smith, Past President/Co-secretary

Debbie Hall, Treasurer

Lynne Barrett

Belinda Crosby

Rebecca Easton

Crystal Lockett

Walter (Mac) McWilliams

Miss Sarah

Amy Perez

Ann Young

ex officio:

Jackie Peery, Executive Director

Advisory Board

Cathy Blackwell

Jackie Bradley

Beegie Caviness

Kasmin Davis, DVM

Laura Devan

Lindsey Graham

Peggy Holt

Mandy Hurley

Arleen Keleher

Dianne MacIlwinen

Mary Frances Morketter

Sarah O'Hanlon

Patti Reed

Rosemary Teague

Carol Wadon, MD

Robin Wiggs

Debbie Williams

FAPS is currently looking for individuals with nonprofit, financial/accounting, and fundraising experience to join the Board of Directors. Read the Board Member Expectations and if interested, fill out the Board Nomination form.

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