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Terri Myatt Naylor

It is with deep sadness that we announce the passing of Terri Myatt Naylor. Terri passed away peacefully at home, surrounded by her family on Tuesday, June 11, 2024.

Terri was a loving wife, mother, sister, aunt, and friend to so many.


The Celebration of Terri's life will be held on Saturday, July 20th, 2024, at 1:00 p.m. at Global River Church - 4702 College Rd. Wilmington, NC 28412. In lieu of flowers, please donate to the Fayetteville Animal Protection Society in memory of Terri Myatt Naylor.


Terri was born in Raleigh, NC, on July 31, 1962. She was the daughter of Peggy Norman Myatt and John Harold Myatt Jr. Terri was the baby sister of brothers Frank Allen Burgess Jr. and William Steven Burgess, and sister Lisa Myatt Bennett. Terri considered Harriet Sheppard Burgess, Steve's wife, to be her sister as well. Terri married the love of her life, Brent Naylor, and became a proud daughter-in-law to Ray and Carolyn Naylor, sister-in-law to Lori and Ray Canady, and Dawn and Steve Craddock, along with many other relatives who are a part of our wonderful family.


Terri's most thankful and proud chapter in her life is becoming and being the mother of her and Brent's only son, Bradley Marshall Naylor. What a gift and fabulous adventure to raise such a loving son!

Terri is survived by her dearly loved husband Brent, her son Bradley, Al and Anne Burgess, Lisa and Randy Bennett, Ray and Carolyn Naylor, Lori and Ray Canady, and Dawn and Steve Craddock, as well as their families.


Terri grew up in Raleigh, NC, graduated from Sanderson High School, and then moved to Wilmington, NC, to live on the water. She started her adventurous life at a very early age. She always loved fast-moving things: roller-skates, minibikes, horses, motorcycles, cars, and her favorite, windsurfers!


Terri won the NC Women's Windsurfing Championship in 1983, then went on to travel to Australia to compete in the 1984 World Windsurfing Championship, representing NC in a fine southern way. She placed well and was honored to become a sponsored team rider for F2 windsurfing manufacturers and Ocean Pacific SportsLine. She traveled to many of the best windsurfing spots in the world and even lived in her favorite spot: the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii. Terri later returned to NC with the intention of packing up and telling her family she was moving permanently to Hawaii, but the Lord had other plans for her. Terri was offered a job in real estate, which she initially only took to finance her move back to Hawaii. She then went on to be a highly respected New Homes Sales Expert, thanks to the home design and building experiences she shared with her dad as a child (and her fantastic people skills.).


Terri was a strong girl with a loving heart- She instinctively knew how to care for others and was gifted with the talent of showing others they are important. Terri will be gravely missed and forever loved by her family and friends.

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